With the Junior Cert looming, what I’ve learnt from my daughter

Best of luck to my beautiful Ella who is starting her Junior Cert this Wednesday. She’s put in a lot of work in so I just hope she’ll be proud of herself when its all done. I know I am.  Of course she is perfec but I’ve heard rumours about other ones

Living with a teenager: You Realise

  1. It is possible for one person to make a shite of the kitchen simply by making tea and toast
  2. Stairs must be made of incredibly strong wood not to break with all the stamping
  3. I’m an idiot
  4. I’m old
  5. No matter what I think, I was told about it last week- this is not the first time I’m hearing about having to hand over money
  6. Any photograph of me as a teenager is hilarious
  7. I wouldn’t understand
  8. I ask too many questions
  9. I did get my change back when I sent teenager to the shop- I just don’t remember
  10. Slamming a door will always get a reaction
  11. The on button on the dishwasher doesn’t recognise a teenage finger for some reason
  12. Cups and plate are able to breed successfully in a teenagers bedroom
  13. I can’t sing and need to stop doing it
  14. I imagine eye rolling
  15. Being in a mood means that you are fine and not in a mood at all
  16. ‘What takeaway do you want?’ is a brilliant conversation starter
  17. Me falling over IS the funny
  18. Me attempting to do the Floss dance thing should never be seen by anyone
  19. I need to know what time dinner is going to be at and what’s on the menu for the next 4 years at least
  20. Whatever I think the teenager did they didn’t and shame on me for even thinking itIMG_20180604_201314_769

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