I hear some people talk about parenting like it’s a management or CEO role and worrying about what school to send their child to. Well you can’t decide what they do when they get there and you can’t choose their friends. So, it doesn’t matter too much. Parenting is an entry level admin job at best with little or no prospect of promotion. You’ll probably get screwed with a less then satisfactory redundancy deal in the end as well.

For example, when your child is invited to a Birthday party

• You won’t be given the invite. You’ll have to go looking for that yourself
• The RSVP is your responsibility
• You pick a gift which you think is appropriate. A nice card will have to be purchased as well.
• Your child’s outfit for the party is down to you. It will be something practical yet stylish.
• Before the party there will be a pep talk given by you as to how to behaviour at the party and what is expected of them
• You will drive your child to the party.
• On arrival, you’ll remind them to behaviour, have fun, say hello, say happy birthday and hand over the present you bought.
• On collection, you again prompt your child. Reminding them to say thank you and goodbye.
• They will be thanked for coming and thanked for the gift that ‘they’ bought


You did all the work and yet they will get all the credit. And they were the one who got to eat cake and have a good time.
Some may argue that it is more of a PA role. PA would suggest that there is a level of insider information and loyalty.
Well, when your daughter reaches 13 she’ll will drop you like a hot snot and will only revert to you when funds are low.

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