The Year I got my first Valentines card

February 14th, 1998 was like any other Saturday for me at the time. I was on my way to call into my friend Aifric. During my teens I spent a lot of time in her house. She had a better bedroom, she had a dog, they had 2 cars and she got a tenner for her pocket money. The real clincher was the possibility of deep fat fryer chips for dinner at the weekend. The key was to just hang around until 5ish and wait for an invitation. Psyching her mam out that basically ‘this child isn’t gonna feck off I better offer her dinner’.

I haven’t even rang the doorbell when Aifric exploded out the front door all excited ‘I got another card’. She ran upstairs keen for me on to follow. As we sat on her bed we examined the card and envelope for clues. It had been hand delivered unlike the card which arrived the day before via post.


As Aifric studied the penmanship and tried to figure out who her second potential suitor was I tried to figure out what had gone wrong. Where was my Valentines card? I did my best to help Aifric decide what 4 kisses meant at the bottom of the Pound Shop card but I was using all my mental energy, struggling to keep my jealously at bay.

February 13th, 1999 I was getting ready to call over to Aifric. In my shoulder bag I made sure I had the essentials. 10 box of smokes, lip gloss, money and my mystery Valentines card I had received in the post, so of course she could help me scrutinise and debate all possible romantic poets who could have penned such a beautiful masterpiece.

My Valentine had been clever to post my card on February 11th, so it would arrive Friday 12th. The writing was very messy but clear enough to determine the sender was madly in love with me. Of course, I had posted it to myself but that’s not what’s important. It was my first Valentines card and I loved it.

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