2am: Woke up with nothing to do so decided to have a massive cry to get someone’s attention

2.01am Finally got into Mammy and Daddy’s bed. No one seemed to be up for playing so decided to start kicking the blankets off

2.04am Always wondered what was inside my Mammy’s nose, so no time like the presence to get to the bottom of it, literally

3.30am Everyone seemed to be wide awake so thought it was the perfect time for a nap.

7.45am Woken up by Mammy drying her hair. Bit rude.

8am Mammy started peeling an orange

8am Mammy was still peeling the orange. What is taking so long. I was left with no choice but to start screaming

8.02am Was really looking forward to the orange but at the last minute decide to throw it on the floor. Immediately regretted this and started to cry.

8.03am Got some toast. Eat some. Mashed the rest into my jeans

10am Mammy put me in the car I didn’t want to be in the car. So, I would not let Mammy strap me in

10.01am I love being in the car and listening to music. This is great craic. Who doesn’t like the car?

11am Saw a display of Cadburys crème eggs in the shop. Manage to open 3 and bite into 2. Mammy said she’d regret not putting me in the buggy so I didn’t want to disappoint her.

11.45 Did a pooh. Mammy had to change me on her lap in the cubicle. I managed to shove a good bit of toilet roll into my mouth

12noon Mammy took the tissue out of my mouth and I let me have a piece of my mind I can tell you.

1pm I HATE THE CAR. I never want to be in the car EVER AGAIN.

1.10pm A funny man waved at me in the car. It was funny. I love the car.

1.30pm We had pasta. It was nice so I wanted the dogs to taste it.

2pm I love my brother. We are best friends

2.01pm I hate my brother and Mammy should only look at me at all times.

3pm My big sister gave me some chocolate. I decided to follow her until it is gone and pretty much for the rest of the day just in case anything else materialised.

2 year old

3.30pm At the end of Peppa Pig they all fell over and laughed. Hilarious- who comes up with this stuff?

4.15pm Got my hands on an apple. Took one bite and threw it behind the couch



5.06pm Mammy went to the toilet and locked the door. I have never been so distraught

6.46pm Bath Time. YES!! Now, every time we have a bath we seem to go to bed afterwards. Not this time though I think it will be different.

7.15pm The unthinkable has happened. Even after my protests I now find myself in my cot.

7.20pm If they think I’m going asleep they can think again


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