Things that need Sorting Out

1. Tesco self-service needs to start being able to identify that item in the bagging area
2. Crappy garnish beside sandwiches. What’s the point no one is eating it
3. A cure for acne
4. The clocks going back. Its coming soon and all it does is annoy everyone. Can we just get rid?
5. Harem Pants. Unless you are trying to conceal baggy genitals (which I could understand) bin them
6. Phone chargers that stop working for no reason. Why is this happening?
7. A dressing gown which doubles as an acceptable coat. Someone get on it
8. Gangs of young teenage girls on buses. I know they have places to go but it should be illegal for them to seat together.
9. The dog filter on snapchat for people over 15
10. Post offices being closed for lunch

11. Articles about women with ‘enviable figures’ and ‘pouring their curves’ into garments of clothing. Just say, fair play she looked well
12. The term ‘baby weight’ when speaking about someone else. Feck off
13. ‘Do you have a rewards card’ ‘Do you want a rewards card’ ‘If you go online bla bla bla. Here, I just nipped out to get milk. You can see I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. Just let me get out of here unnoticed. Ta
14. Can I get this from the menu but completely change it people. Come on, your mother would be mortified
15. Media website telling me I won’t recognise so and so now. I click in to find they look the exact same but got subtle highlights.
16. Pockets on women’s clothing. Can we get some decent ones please? And inside coats. Thanks. We carry money and keys now too.
17. ATM should give out fivers
18. ‘I can’t help it, I’m such a Capricorn’ stop, you know who you are.
19. We need to buy stuff from IKEA online. Who has the time to send 3 days there trying to find the way out
20. People you don’t like abbreviating your name

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