The Geriatric Millennials

Millennials. I keep hearing the term being knocked about. These ‘little delicate entitled snowflakes’. Even though I fit the age bracket (just about), I refuse to believe it’s about me and my peers.
Because we’re been through the mill. The feckin mill! We have endured tough times

carter twins

1. Still trying to grow back the eyebrows years later
2. We put up with Ja Rule. Ja fecking Rule?
3. Where the fuck was Balayage when we needed it.
4. Girls paid to get a diamanté glued on to our teeth.
5. Just diamante on shit in general
6. We watched the Spice Girls and Take That spilt up
7. Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch as a duo
8. The Carter Twins were a thing
9. I remember when there was no chicken fillet rolls

10. Giadiators was our Saturday night entertainment (Ok, that
was alright actually)
11. Pat Kenny was also Saturday night entertainment!!!
12. Some of us got Chinese writing tattoos
13. Eyebrow piercing
14. There was no Netflix
15. Justin Timberlake with hightlights
16. Puppets having number one singles in the music charts
17. Disc man. Ever tried using one of them on a bus- G’luck
18. We all had penpals. That’s how boring it was
19. When your Mam was watching Live at 3 everyone was watching Live at 3
20. You couldn’t just delete a photo
21. Everyone told us Callcards would be worth a fortune one day. They were not
22. No one had ever successfully applied liquid eyeliner in Ireland
23. I didn’t get a GHD until I was 16. 16!
24. There was no fake tan
25. Our phones just made phonecalls and sent texts. Nothing else. Honestly

Grew up in a boom, adults in time for the crash. We’ve no pensions, no houses, no money and we had to put up with all this. Where’s the justice for the Geriatric Millennials?

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