The Evil Stepfather

I met my partner 8ish  years old. At the time I was working in a local radio station Dublin South FM as part of a Community Employment Scheme. I had a five year old daughter and was living with my parents. So needless to say I was a real catch. I didn’t really think about ever meeting anyone at that point in my life. I felt if I did it would be when my daughter was in college. Of course it would be in some hilarious situation where I would start dating one of her college lectures and she would return home early from a weekend away with friends only to be met by Professor Costello in the kitchen in his jocks. Kinda like a lame story line from 7th Heaven or something and then the dog in the corner would cover his eyes with his paws.

Alas it didn’t turn out that way (think his first name would have been Greg).Instead at 2am in Coppers one night I approached this fella I’d seen working in Dundrum Shopping Centre as an electrician with the killer line ‘Here do I know you?’ And the rest as they say is history. I know the stuff of movies. Along our little journey together however one question never ceased to amazed me.

‘And does he get on with you’re daughter?’273129_035

What kind of question is that? As if there is a multitude of possible answers here. We get on great, I’ve never met anyone like him but if I had to pick one thing I could change, if I was pushed on it? Well….he’s a total sh*t to my child but I’m just splitting hairs here. Apart from that he’s a total dreamboat.

Relationship between two people are challenging enough. Throw someones child into the mix and in my experience you’ll find out pretty quick if everyone involved thinks that this is worth giving a go. The stakes are high so if you’re willing to take a gamble you’re probably petrified but with unfamiliar confidence and hope.

So if you know someone who has a child and they get in a relationship why not say ‘Good for you, that’s great news’. Failing that, if you’re dying for the gossip you’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way and stalked their facebook page.


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